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One thought on “Prospects

  1. Att: Sourcing and Purchasing Manager

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Nuh Yasar A.S. was established in 1992 in Kayseri in Turkey and still continues it’s activities in Kayseri Industrial Zone. It has been especially specialized on Shopfitting Equipments.

    Our factory is one of the leader manufacturers in Turkey largely comprising well-trained and qualified operators, technicians and engineers.

    Our manufacturing area is 10.000 m2 (Closed) 25.000 m2 (Open) and there are 85 person working in our company.

    In our factory which has TUV ISO 9001 quality certificate, all of our products are produced fastidiously with high technology.

    Beside our standard products we manufacture special designed products according to our customer’s demands (Stainless steel, Aluminum, Chrome, Acrylic, Glass, Mirrors, Nickel Plated, Chrome Plated, Wood Paint, Metal Paint, Wood laminating, veneering, Sitting Benches, Coffee Tables, Sitting Groups etc…)

    With our competitive prices, quick delivers, and perfect services we are ready for your demands. For detailed information please visit our web site

    We are working with companies who are well known companies in Worldwide and Turkey. Following you can find some of our references; RTC (Samsung, Adidas) , ITAB GWS (John Lewis) , Arno Group (Adidas, 3G Stores, NorthFace, Reebok, Toyota ,Hyundai, Ben Sherman) ,Upright UK (Next Stores in UK) , Havelock Europa (Marks&Spencer), YKM, Damat, Crispino, Dagi, Daniel Hechter, Gencallar, Süvari, Boyner, Beğendik,etc…

    We would like to initiate a profitable cooperation between our companies. Because of this aim we would like to invite you to our factory in order to show our products and their quality.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

    Best Regards


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